Sunday, November 30, 2008

Remembering Gratitude

As it is the last day of November, I had to account for my goal of recording things I am grateful for. To be honest, I am happy with the nine times I wrote about things I am grateful for. After all, that is 9 more times than I wrote the previous year. I must look on the bright side and say that is progress.

Let me recap the first nine things: family, friends, education, humor, diet coke, hobbies, religious freedom, and life. Now to catch you up on the other things I am grateful for this month. . .

1. Warm showers

2. Cuddly babies--nothing more peaceful than holding a sleeping baby in your arms

3. Fun-filled family visits

4. Sunday dinner with family

5. Work--although I hate the getting ready part, I am thankful to have a job to go to every day

6. The view of the mountains all around the valley I live in

7. My bed--nothing better than my own

8. Hairspray--what can I say, I am a product of the 80's

9. Good books to read

10. Ice--the pebbled kind is best, but anything else will do in a pinch

11. Good neighbors that watch out for me and sometimes bring my garbage cans back in

12. A home to live in

13. The smell of fresh lime and the taste of it in my diet coke with vitamins.

14. Candle tarts for my melter--smell as good as a candle, but without the smokey mess

15. Faith

16. A good chick flick

17. Games--you name it, I will play it, unless I am on an exhausting trip to D.C. where my body never quite adjusts to the time changes. Hopefully "D" will forgive me.

18. A good belly busting laugh complete with tears running down my face

19. Kids and all the great things they have to say

20. My camera--to capture those memories forever

21. My mom--although gone from earth, her love and teaching still guide me

22. My dad

23. Computers--for too many reasons to name

24. The temple--to remind me of more important things

25. Transportation--so many places I still want to see

26. My own two feet--and the ability to move

If you haven't taken time to think of all that you are grateful for, you should try it. It was harder for me than you might think. I know my list looks like it is full of mostly the trivial things, but in reality, I am grateful for every "little" thing in my abundant life. (Yes, I threw in a few more than the ones I committed for the 3o days of November. Why the extras? Because I really do have a lot to be grateful for)

I am so blessed!!
Now for a few cards I have been working on.


The Davies Family said...

That is such a great make a thankful list..I really need to. I always seem to get caught up in the wo's of life and not the blessings..and the simple small ones too. Thanks for this post, it was very inspiring! The one about grandma made me cry..I sure do miss her and wish my kids could have known what an amazing person she was..great now I am crying more.
Can't wait to see you at Christmas..and play some games!
Your cards are really cute too!

Jodi said...

Glad you told me about your's fun to peek in on you and what you're doing! I love your cards - CUTE!