Friday, November 28, 2008

Cards vs. Craziness!!!

Black Friday is aptly named. That is to say that if you are brave enough to fight the crowds then you will end up in a black mood. I generally volunteer to watch the sleeping kids while my sisters and their husbands go shopping. This year however, all the kids were covered and so I stayed home and tried to finish up a few cards and tags for some gifts I am putting together. Boy was I glad I did when "A" called to tell me that while she had been at Walmart the paramedics were brought in three times--one man broke his shoulder, another woman broke her wrist, and a lady fainted. No sale is worth that to me. Then I logged on to check the weather and on it said that a worker in an Arkansas Walmart died after the crowds broke down the doors and knocked him down in their pursuit of a bargain. So sad!

Well, on to the cards and tags. I used today's card sketch on splitcoast stampers for the layout design. I made my own patterned paper with a polka dot set I have, filling in some of the circles with snowflakes. The tags are part of the gifts I have put together for my neighbors. Every year I try to think of a gift that is not food related and that can be useful. These tags along with some wrapping paper and a cute poem are what I am handing out this year. If I get time to take a few more pictures I will share the other tags I have come up with. In all I have about 10 designs.

By the way--HAPPY BIRTHDAY "J" and "B"

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