Saturday, November 1, 2008


Last year we made gratitude journals, and I thought what a great idea it was to take time daily to remember how blessed I am.

Did I write in it once? No! So this year I am going to start now, but start small.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I know, weird! Most people say Christmas, but there's too much hurry and stress associated with that holiday. No, I love Thanksgiving because I get to gather with my family, visit and enjoy each others company without needing to run off somewhere else. Not to mention there is all that good food and very little guilt about eating it since the main event of the whole day is dinner.

So with Thanksgiving being my favorite holiday, gratitude is a perfect theme for November. With it being the first day of November I am going to try to take the time to write blog about the things I am grateful for. One thing a day shouldn't be too hard. At least I can say that is after all only day 1.

So here it goes. The number one thing I am grateful for is...

my family of course.

Here's a few of my favorite photos of many of my family members. The photos are not the most recent, but they bring back some fun memories!

How blessed I am!