Thursday, November 27, 2008


My funloving nephew "W" was in an accident last night, and so on this Thanksgiving Day, I am most thankful for life and for my angel mom that kept him safe. I'm glad he could feel her presence as his truck rolled at least 4 times that he can remember. All 3 boys in the truck were wearing seatbelts, thank goodness! I think all of us need to be reminded once in awhile that we have a purpose on earth and will stay here until it is our time to go. Pray for his friend that will need surgery.


The Davies Family said...

Oh boy! i hadn't heard about this! I am sooo glad to hear everyone is alright! How scary, I need to call them!

Court said...

This was so scary. I am so grateful they were safe and it really was amazing that Grandma was there. It touches my heart and I can't help but cry everytime it is mentioned. I am truly glad something even worse didn't happen.