Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Memories

As a little girl I remember visiting the cemetary on Memorial Day. I remember standing by the headstones and my mom would tell me stories of the people buried there. We were keeping the connection from the past to the present going strong. I remember looking at the arrangements and all the different ways people honored those that had gone on. The flowers were my favorite part. I still love the flowers dotting the grass adding bright splashes of color to an otherwise somber setting. I still love standing by the headstones and thinking of the people I once knew and the stories of others I never knew. For most people Memorial Day is about the veterans, and I too honor those that have given their time, energy, and even their life. However, Memorial Day is much more to me. It is a way to honor my heritage and remember those that I have laughed and cried with, lived for and loved.

Today we went early to the cemetary. I took my camera along to capture some of the things I love about Memorial Day.

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