Friday, January 1, 2010

Queen Chicken

See, that stinkin' hill is really, really steep!

I had this grand idea. I wanted to be more active over the Christmas holiday. Sounds good so far--right? Well I told my sister that we should go sledding while school was out. M being the ever great sister, and always willing to go along with my grand plans, agreed. We invited all the nieces and nephews that were interested to come along and even gathered a few neighborhood friends. Well all was well until I was at the top of a really steep hill. Then I chickened out. Really good of me, I know. I even pushed a few unwilling people kicking and screaming on thier way, but I wouldn't go down myself. I could just imagine this big body taking out a few kids and small adults along the way. The pictures in my mind were not pretty. Finally all conditions worked to my advantage and I kicked off for ONE run down the hill. I would have gone another time, but luck wasn't with me, and I fell on some ice on the way back up the hill and bruised up my knee. Now I know two things--I'm still a kid at heart and sledding is fun but scarier the older and bigger you get, and two C is a very patient man. He stood at the bottom of the hill and made sure he got pictures of everybody's run down the hill. And let me tell you--he waited a long time for me to get my brave on. What a brother in law! M and the kids were great too. They gave me a lot of encouragement.

By the way, I usually try not to set too many new years resolutions, but this year I will be trying to update the blog a little more regularly.

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Jodi said...

Looks like a lot of fun!! We have only been once this winter...we're waiting for some more snow!
P.S. Glad to read your resolution! :)